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Sony Affiliate Program Review – Everything You Need To Know

Does Sony Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, Sony does have an affiliate program and affiliate marketers can join their program by signing up at VigLink. If your are interested in promoting products from one of the largest tech companies in the world, then we highly recommend you give Sony’s affiliate program a shot.

Sony Affiliate Program

The Sony affiliate program has developed and changed over the years but can still be a great program for affiliate marketers. The original affiliate program was created in 1999 by one of the founders of Sony’s U.S subsidiary, David Morken. This program can change depending on what country you live in as well as what products you are promoting. Sony does not have a formal affiliate program where affiliates can sign up to the network and start tracking their products. Instead they use several different networks which can be confusing for new affiliates but they are worth signing up to if you want to promote Sony products online.

Sony Affiliate Program Commission Rates

The exact commission rate can range from 1% to up to 10% depending on what country you are promoting products in, the type of product you are promoting, as well as your particular affiliate deal with Sony. Below are a rough outline of the average commission rate from the Sony Affiliate Program.

  • Audio 8% All Products (excl. PlayStation) 2% Commission
  • Camcorder 6% Commission
  • Camera 6% Commission
  • Camera Accessories 6% Commission
  • Home Cinema 6% Commission
  • Other 4% Commission
  • Tablet 4% Commission
  • TV 4% Commission

Once you sign up for the Sony affiliate marketing program you will be able to see the exact commission structure they offer to you.

Is The Technology Niche Good For Affiliate Marketing?

The technology niche is one of the most popular niches for affiliate marketing because of the high average order value for customers as well as the wide variety of different products to promote. The technology field is very competitive for affiliate marketers but this is also one of the most profitable niches available.

About Sony

Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Tokyo. As a leading provider of technology solutions, it manufactures electronics and other products that serve the needs of consumers and professional organizations worldwide.

Sony Entertainment Inc. is one of the largest media companies in Japan. They are both a music company and film studio, as well as being involved in other entertainment industries such as gaming and Internet services for adults through its subsidiary labels Sony Pictures Television, Columbia Records, Epic Records, Sony Music Australia (through EMI Music), So-net Entertainment Pass (

Sony, with its 55% share in the image sensor market, is the largest manufacturer of image sensors and one of the leading sellers in semiconductor sales. It is also among the leaders for televisions above $2,500 as well as third on TV production charts. Sony Group Corporation is the holding company of Sony Corporation, Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Sony Entertainment (Sony Pictures, Sony Music), and others.

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